Prayer Requests

I am having an endoscopy Thursday, March 15 that is very concerning. I am having faith that it is positive, but I still need your prayers. Where two or more are joined the Lord will hear. Thanks,
March 13, 2018


I am suffering very badly with a bladder condition and I am in a lot of discomfort. My condition has made life so hard and stressful and I cry daily. I have never felt so afraid and vulnerable. I desperately need God`s healing, and I would be grateful for your prayers. Thank you.
August 1, 2016


Paul Crews, son of Bill Crews has cancer in colon, lymph nodes, and liver. He has just started chemo. Also, for son Danny Crews who is waiting to see if he can get on heart transplant list. These two boys need your prayers.
Rev. Bill Crews, Jr
November 7, 2015


Thurmond Groover found out recently that he has an aggressive form of cancer and is starting treatments. His friends and family are requesting prayer for him and also prayer for them to be able to cope with all this. Thank you.

October 2, 2015


Please pray for Rachel Welsh. She has cancer and has already had surgery, She is in need of prayer. Thank you

October 2, 2015


I asked you to pray for stepson he his Danny. Walker and he in the two step .we love list to you sing We get a blessing.
charles and theresa
June 17, 2015


Some very good friends of ours from Florida have a son with some major health problems and we would love it if you would help us pray for him. His name is Danny Crews and his gall bladder is inflamed and not functioning properly. They cannot do surgery due to a bad heart, so he and his family need prayer.
Terry and Janice
March 11, 2015


We would like to request special prayer for Mary Baker, who lives in Virginia and is having health problems. She is very special to us and we pray God will watch over her and put His healing touch on her.
Terry and Janice
March 11, 2015


Please pray for Joe Gaskell who is having surgery for melanoma on Wednesday, Feb. 25. Thank you!

February 23, 2015


I would sincerely appreciate everyones prayers for Tammy, a friend and co-worker who was forced to resign her position with our company because of the jealously, deceit, prejudice, and lies of some people there. Tammy desperately needs sufficient employment, quickly! Also, please pray that she will cling to the Lord and be drawn closer to Him through this ordeal. Thank you, and may the Lord bless you all. Morris Huffman
Morris Huffman
October 30, 2014


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